Payday Summer – UK Payday Loans

Fast And Hassle Free Loans For Financial Emergencies

One of the best things that can happen, when a person faces urgent financial needs, would be to get the needed cash as fast as possible and without much stress. Borrowers of our payday loans (also called quick cash, paycheck loans, cash advance, crisis loans, etc) get them only a few hours after loan application. The loans do not require collateral, have guaranteed safety, fast and easy application processes and require no good credit score or many years of employment history.

Our company

We loan fast, unsecured and no credit check loans to UK residents who seek funds; to meet emergencies that require fast cash. We are an established and credible UK lender, and as such, borrowers can rest assured that we offer reliable and authentic services. We recognize that some situations may require cash faster than others and that people do not always have the required cash when needed. Emergencies such as midnight or weekend illnesses, hiked transport fees, hiked prices of products (such as food and other personal effects), urgent travel needs and upcoming maturing loans (that need to be repaid fast before they get the borrowers into a bad credit status) among other needs all qualify for our emergency loans. The borrower, however, does not have to explain their needs to us. We guarantee high security for all information, fast processes and reasonable loan APR.

Online application

Application for loans plays the first and most important step towards the pursuit of any loan. It is in this regard that we make our loan application process as fast and easy as possible so that borrowers do not spend so much time or money (not to mention a lot of stress finding and attaching additional documents). Applying for our loans takes place online; eliminating the need to mail or fax anything. Our online application entails the borrower logging on to our website and filling out the application form on the page. More information on our lending terms and other services, the borrowers might need, can also be found on the same website. For any inquiries, people can contact us through any of the provided contacts found on our website.

Once the borrower completes the form (with their email address, name, address the amount of money they need, their bank account number- for sending of the approved money-, they submit the it on the same platform and we start processing their application.

No credit check processing

We know that credit score, to a great extent, determines the accessibility of loans and other credit services/ goods by many borrowers; because most lenders need to verify the financial status of their borrowers before they advance them any credit. Lenders obtain people’s credit scores and other information from government records (such as the voter register, ccj registers, electoral rolls, etc) and or credit referencing agencies (such as Equifax, Experian and call credit). The best news, with our loans, is that we do not dig up borrowers’ information (from the above agencies/ records); we do not need people’s credit score to approve their loans. Without the credit checks or the need for a few years proof of employment, we approve loans instantly; since all we need is to verify the borrower’s identity.


Isn’t it fabulous that borrowers need not trouble themselves with the collateral before seeking our loans? We make this possible by eliminating the need for the borrower to provide assets or guarantors to secure the loans they wish to borrow. We know that issues of collateral not only make people shy away from seeking loans (especially when they do not have any assets to secure the loans or have assets committed elsewhere), but also make the loan acquisition processes tedious and unnecessarily lengthy; as both borrowers and lenders seek to provide and verify the collateral.

Money disbursement

Remember the bank account details required during the loan application? That (bank account) serves as the medium through which we send borrowers the approved loan money; direct money deposits saves Cheque waiting and maturing time. Borrowers can, thus, withdraw the money they applied for within a few hours after their application. As such, their urgent needs can be met on time.

Interest and repayment We charge no extra fees apart from the percentage of the loan indicated on our website for the amount borrowers borrow. We do not harass borrowers to repay their loans before their repayment date is due, usually on or before their payday; when they get funds to cover the accrued loan interest and the loan amount they took.